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BKM's Mission

"It is my mission to improve the health and well-being of my clients by educating, motivating, and inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and making healthy food choices.  Losing weight just happens in the process."

Who is BKM?

My name is Briant K. Mitchell and welcome to BKM Fitness Boot Camp! My Boot Camp is designed to help clients achieve realistic goals they have in mind for their body. The cardio is plentiful along with nutrition counseling and weight training; a combination of the three will cause your body to do things that you never thought were possible. However, I remind my clients, their bodies will not change on their own, it is up to them to do what it takes to change it. I am here to motivate you and teach you methods on how to achieve your personal goals.


I offer a wide range of classes, all professionally designed and led, that target your unique needs. You will not be lost in a crowd. The class sizes are limited and offered frequently, enabling me to spend the time necessary to maximize results. I also offer private classes in weight-training, nutrition, and cardiovascular endurance.


Take advantage of 3 risk free classes to see what sets BKM Fitness Boot Camp aside from all the rest. We are here to teach and motivate you to help achieve your goals. 

Our Facilities

BKM sits in the heart of downtown Ferguson MO.  Our location boasts over 7,400 square feet.  You are always welcome to come take a tour and see what sets BKM Fitness Boot Camp apart from the rest!

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